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Time Traveling

Yes, it is possible. We leave NZ at 3:25 pm on the 16th, touch down in Tahiti at 10 pm on the 15th and finally land in LAX at 9 am on the 16th. I’d say that is pretty talented. Before we tell you about our final days, we thought it would be good to take you back through time to relive some of what we accomplished on our trip:

– Traveled completely around the world using 10 flights, 6 trains, 2 ferries, 2 scooters, a campervan, a bus and concluding with a ride from our mate Andrew back to San Jose

– Drove over 7000 kilometers (we think maybe 10000 but we forgot to check the odometer at the start…)

– Read 14 books and developed a new found love for Ayn Rand’s amazing writing (Kelly read Atlas Shrugged, And Then There Were None, Sarah’s Key, 3/4 of Catch 22, 1/2 of Tale of Two Cities, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, Born to Run, Open, Forgotten God and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society; Jeff read Atlas Shrugged, Open, Forgotten God, 3/4 of Everything is Illuminated, The New Testament, Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs and started the Fountainhead)

– Walked / run / hiked hundreds of kilometers across cities, along trails and up mountain tops

– Slept in 9 hostels, 6 home stays and 2 hotels (plus a few nights on planes and trains)

– Took over 6,000 pictures

Our last day was spent eating oatmeal and a Mammoth yogurt while cleaning Kweelie and finishing packing our bags. We set out for our final drive, singing Christmas carols that we soon found out we didn’t know all the words to. We tried to find the town where we were supposed to drop off the car outside of Auckland but the name Jeff wrote down didn’t seem to match any on our map. After a few phone calls, we said bon voyage to Kweelie and were being whisked away to downtown Auckland.

We checked into our final hostel and then set out to explore the town and finish our souvenir shopping. Stepping onto Queen Street we both turned and gave each other an eye lift that said “what is this?”, taken aback by the hustle and bustle. In New Zealand we have had a pretty quiet life, roaming the wilderness without much hubbub except for Jeff’s singing outbursts (have you seen Happy Feet?). We slowly adapted to the city, exploring the shops and finding a place for a farewell pie.

For dinner, we found a cute side street lined with pubs and restaurants and grabbed a pint and a scrumptious bowl of pumpkin, feta, basil risotto. We decided to grab a movie in the evening, sitting down to have a few laughs at Due Date. We slipped off to bed excited to be on our way back home.

The next morning we had our free continental breakfast, ensuring to grab an extra vegemite packet so everyone back home could see how gross it is. Soon we were off to the airport and boarding our plan. After a bit of time traveling, a quick touch down in Tahiti and a few winks of sleep – we were greeted by Caitlin at the LAX airport. We had a great dinner with a magnum of Celebration Ale to bring in the season and then spent the night laughing hysterically at viral videos we had missed over the past months (and re-living some oldies but goodies). Tomorrow morning will be a bright and early start and then we are finally home!

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    Glad you kids are home, (today 12/23/2010) and looking forward to seeing you Saturday, Christmas!! Thanks for the pic of “Welcome to UNITED SATES OF AMERICA. The two or three times I came back from Fiji that same sign welcomed me. In that mess (or it was in those days) weren’t you glad when you were in the US Citizens’ line???

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