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Human Towers Day

We woke up to the sound of explosions in the streets from part of La Merce. That was our signal to head to the nearby square for the human towers competition. It was quite a show with multiple teams, each with easily 30 people (you can’t see the bottom but it is a huge circle of people holding the bottom level up). We eventually made our way to a nearby park where we had a delicious lunch of mixed ham, squid empanada, bread and beer.

After our huge lunch, we decided dinner should be a revisit the Cup Noodles from New York, this time with some Spanish flair. We also found beer with limon (Kelly’s favorite) in a can so it rounded off our meal.

Next stop was the nearby square for an awesome light show. They mapped out the building perfectly so they could morph, color and even make the building inflate, all of which received oohs and ahhs from the crowd.

We also had a slight set back today when we found out our ferry had been delayed from tomorrow night till the next day. While we will miss out on a night in Pisa, we can’t wait to get to the Cinque Terre!

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