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I’m Singing In The Rain

The rain that we fell asleep to was back again today but we weren’t about to let it interfere with our plans (that is especially easy when you don’t have any plans but- I digress…). Lunch consisted of a delicious pizza and fruit, all had for under 4 euros. We explored and found beautiful fountains and then made our way up narrow stone streets for a view of the Alhambra from afar.

The plan for tonight is a free concert unless it is rained out and then drinks with free tapas for dinner. We love Spain!

There have been some questions as to more pictures – don’t worry, we are taking hundreds a day. The problem is we don’t want to spend the time loading them to a computer (let alone finding one where we can) but you will see them at some point. Until then the iPhone photos will have to do.

Also look for a new section of the site called “table manners” where we will update the top lessons from the trip. Coming soon!

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