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Jam Packed Day

We are writing this waking up on our first morning in beautiful Cinque Terre and wish everyone could be here to see how lovely and delicious it is. Before we make your mouths water, back to the ferry…

It turns out the delay was the best thing that could happen to us as they gave us a free cabin to stay in instead of having to find a place to sleep on the deck. We brought a baguette and salami as well as a number of other snacks to keep us filled and spent our time reading and playing cards (our new favorite, 52 card memory!). We were supposed to arrive at 7 AM but didn’t arrive till 11 AM, meaning our day trip to Pisa needed to be super fast.

We lucked out meeting an Italian girl moving home from Barcelona who told us the train station was 20 minutes away and we needed a taxi, so we ended up splitting the cost with her.

We arrived in Pisa starving and grabbed a slice on our way to the tower, so delicious! We already know Italian food is going to be our favorite… Next stop, the leaning tower. It really is something you have to see in real life and we had fun taking the customary “hold up the tower photos”.

Next stop, Cinque Terre. It is gorgeous. Right against the water with multi-colored houses tucked into the cliffs. Since there was a storm, we also had big waves crashing into the rocks. We checked into our hotel in Riomaggiore and then had the best pesto foccacia of our lives! We finished off the night with a seafood spaghetti with cured beef and parmesan and went to our room for some wine and strawberries, finishing off a great first day in the Cinque Terre.

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