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Love At First Sight

We arrived in Barcelona today to gray skies and pouring rain. But as we stepped out of the station, we felt it would be our type of city. Barcelona is a place that has a pulse and character you can feel all around you. Now, sitting in our awesome hostel after a long day, we can most certainly say that Barcelona is our favorite city so far along our journey. Let’s recap the day:

– We left Valencia around 10, grabbing cafes con leche before leaving

– Devoured the Barcelona guide book while on the train to find the hot spots and plan out our stay (and tried ham flavored chips which are a popular flavor here, for good reason!)

– Arrived in Barcelona to find it pouring, decided to take the metro and finally made it to our hostel (a little wet)

– Unpacked into awesome bunk bed / tree house rooms in our hostel

– Stepped outside to find the weather changed dramatically and sun was now shining

– Stopped for a delicious meal of fried eggs, sausage and potatoes and a tapa of manchego cheese

– Walked La Rambla and made our way to Park Guell (gorgeous, both the park and the views)

– Stopped by the La Sagrada Familia, a huge temple not expected to be finished till 2040…

– Visited Casa Batllo, an amazingly colorful apartment block by Gaudi

– Ate a delicious burger with wine/beer outside on the bar strip of Passeig Del Born

– Finished off the night with a chocolate, banana, and whipped cream waffle

All in all a great day. We can’t wait for the next few days as one of the biggest festivals of the year starts Thursday with live music, human statues, fireworks each night, and much more. Barcelona, te amo!

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