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Oh So Beautiful

After a tasty Thanksgiving, we woke up to crumpets with ricotta cheese and lemon curd. For those who haven’t tried it yet, go out and buy yourself some. Mmm mmm good!

After blasting our legs with a pure uphill climb and hill sprints (finishing at a beautiful lookout over turquoise ocean), we jumped in Kweelie to head towards the Marlborough Sounds. We went through Picton to grab internet and Skype the family for Thanksgiving, and lucked out with it being a cool little town. It sits right on the water looking out onto a gorgeous harbor and lush green hills. Luckily we will be back through here to take the ferry to the North Island. We prepared a scramble with chorizo, onions, chives and eggs and hit the beach to enjoy it with a million dollar view. We love NZ. Sweet as.

Next was a winding journey out onto one of the arms of the sounds, eventually popping out at Mistletoe Bay. It is a gorgeous, quiet bay that sits right on the Queen Charlotte Track (one of the popular great walks that takes 4-5 days). We unpacked and set up our chairs, happy to soak up the rays courtesy of the amazing weather. We also made friends with a pair of ducks who decided to join us for dinner as well (and almost hopped into our car the next day).

Dinner was a steak piled high with garlic that we cut up and made into a tasty steak salad. We pulled out the cards (as well as Irish coffee…) and spent the evening relaxing by the water. As we walked to the bathroom at night, we looked up to a planetarium view, standing in awe for quite a few minutes. The sky is filled with stars and they all sparkle more than normal (or we put too much Irish in our coffee), making for quite a sight.

Since crumpets are so dang tasty (did you buy them yet?), we had them again this morning, this time as a treat after our morning run along the coast. We ended up at the tip of a peninsula, looking out onto beautiful water where we noticed something unusual floating – jellies! Big ones too, Portuguese man of war style. Luckily we hadn’t swum that deep into the bay to find them unexpectedly…

Next up was a hike on part of the Queen Charlotte track up to a hilltop lookout. The 360 degree views were amazing and we spent half an hour snacking and soaking up the view. It really tops our list as one of the most beautiful places we have seen.

After the hike, we drove to Nelson. We stopped for groceries and to browse the town, reportedly the most livable city in New Zealand. Not sure about other days, but at 4 PM on a Saturday the downtown is quite shut down. We resolved to visit again on a weekday and hit the road towards Abel Tasman National Park.

We opted for a “scenic” campground, meaning a road “not suitable for campervans” that was 11 k off the main road. After a slightly harrowing and lengthy drive (counting the spots wide enough to pass in case we met another car) we arrived at Canaan Downs Scenic Reserve to find (surprisingly) a handful of other campers.

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