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Thanksgiving, Take Two

Even though we already celebrated Thanksgiving, we decided to make a go of it again on the actual day. This time we would make it a true Kiwi feast. But there are more hours in a day than the evening and more to life than food…

We started off the day with a 10 km run along the beautiful Kaikoura coast before showering and driving to the seal colony. By this time it was almost noon so we stopped at a seafood truck along the water for a tasty crayfish fritter (quite good!). We relaxed in Kweelie with seals nearby and caught up on some much needed reading and planning. We set out for a walk around the peninsula, which takes you first along the cliff and then back along the water. We passed loads of sea life, mostly birds and seals.

After a great day, it was time to drive north to Blenheim where we picked up the final ingredients for our Thanksgiving feast. Since we did Thanksgiving American style last week, this week was all about NZ favorites. We drank L&P (a 7 Up type drink but smoother) while dining on two meat pies (steak & cheese and chicken & cranberry) with sides of mashed potatoes & gravy, corn, and a beet, feta, corn and cucumber salad. For desert, we made ice cream sandwiches out of anzac cookies and hokey pokey ice cream before settling down to warm our bellies with Irish coffee and a lollie cake (hard to describe but it was pretty good). We have been soaking up our reading time the past few days and tonight was no different (The Bone People and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest). Off to bed fulfilled and luckily no belly ache this time. Happy Thanksgiving!

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