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The Art of the Bali Snack Pack

We left off last with promises of sunset surf and pizza and boy did we deliver. We had a tasty wood fired oven pizza accompanied with two dogs looking up sweetly for food (feels like home!). The surf was small but fun and the sunset on the water was nothing short of amazing.

We woke up to toast and nescafe and enjoyed a leisurely morning playing cards (now gin and santase). By the time ten o’clock rolls around, it is Bali snack pack time. We found the cutest couple who runs a little shop / stand in the nearby village and that is where we buy all our fruit. They give you a sample and then pick out the best ones for you (and they’ll even cut your mango, that’s saying a lot as she is a pro!). We bought bananas, a mango, nescafe, toblerone and these sweet crunchy snacks (totally amazing) and went back to our deck to indulge (don’t worry, we didn’t eat it all at once – it lasted for the day…).

We then made the hike to mushroom bay, stopping to rent snorkel gear on the way. We snorkeled at two spots and then hit the beach to find a spot to eat. Right as we walked in it started to pour so we enjoyed our meal (grilled snapper which was SO flavorful) watching the rain on the water.

Back at our place, we enjoyed relaxing and reading and then Jeff rented a board to surf Shipwrecks. It was another beautiful sunset with fun waves and a cappuccino on the beach for the girl. We walked back together along the beach as the last of the fiery color disappeared from the horizon.

Since it was our last night on Nusa Lembongan, we had to go out with a bang. That meant a large bingtang, a burger, mie goreng (fried noodles) and a banana split. Each of them packed great flavor and we watching the lightning storm taking place back on Bali.

Now it is morning, getting ready to pack up and head back to Bali. We’ll be in Ulu Watu for a night, then it’s time to head down under. Throw a shrimp on the barbie, we’re coming soon!

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