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Last Days on the South Island

We woke up with big ambitions for a morning run, meaning it was a chocolate banana pancake morning. Turns out the wind never stops on the farewell spit so two minutes along our run we turned back. We chose instead to spend our day enjoying Nelson, walking through used and new book stores, blown away by the prices (reading is an expensive hobby here, a standard book is at least $30 new). We tried to find WiFi but couldn’t, so we settled for a grocery run before heading back out to the beautiful sounds.

This time we were off to Tennyson Inlet, a quiet little bay where we pulled into a empty grassy campsite. For dinner, we made mouth watering blue cheese turkey burgers protein style, quite a tasty treat. Earlier in the day we had also stopped at a hole in the wall brewery called Monkey Wizard Brewery where we had a free tasting before leaving with a litre of their tasty dark brew, which means we also had delicious beer to accompany our tasty burger.

We woke up the next morning to head off to the Nydia track, which takes you from the bay we stayed across the mountains and down into the adjacent bay. Before we could start the hike (being that it is officially December now) we had to open the first box of our advent calendar (can’t believe we started this trip in September!). We opted for stopping at the top of the saddle, creating for a fun and beautiful 2.5 hour run / hike. Back in Kweelie, we refueled with a cous cous tofu stir fry (we forgot how good cous cous is!) before heading towards Picton.

Being that Jeff won the last round of gin, he got to pick the dessert for our final night on the south island – an afghan cookie (chocolate with toffee chunks topped with chocolate frosting and walnuts) and a raspberry white chocolate shortcake (the latter was divine, thanks LP). We hung out in Picton, enjoying the view and wireless from the quirky folks at the local hostel. We booked our ferry for the next day, finding out we would be leaving at 8 am which meant an early morning (need to be there for check in by 7 am).

We emptied the beer and thoroughly enjoyed our dessert before making the bed while it was still twilight (a first!). We thought it best to hit the sack early, meaning an Irish toddy (warm milk and Carolan’s, with hot chocolate for Jeff) was in order. We slept soundly our last night on the South Island, sad to leave but excited for more adventures on the north!

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