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Our River Adventure

*Sorry, no pictures because the iPhone was dead!

Packing in so much fun in so few days meant we were in need of some protein. Have no fear, breakfast burritos are here! We whipped up heaping burritos with a scramble containing last night’s leftovers before jumping on the road to the starting point for our river adventure. The journey consists of a 21 km stretch of river with class II rapids that takes around 4 hours. We each hopped into our own kayak (sprayskirt and all) and were soon off with one other kayaker, a Kiwi named Andrew (who was the epitome of super friendly, fun to be around New Zealanders). We received practically no instruction as the one transporting us was a bit out of it, simply “have a good time!” and the notion that we would learn as we went.

The river is the same river we drove along, but a section further north. It was incredibly beautiful and peaceful, floating through farmland and hills with glassy water. The rapids were small but packed quite a punch, giving us a good dose of adrenaline balanced by peaceful sections. Andrew was the first to go over, getting sideswiped by the current as chose wrong on the best route down. We made it through safely, although Kelly ran straight into a rock, luckily bouncing off without tipping (which left Jeff hysterically laughing, but his time would come…). We pulled along the banks for lunch and happened to choose the area where the bulls graze. They backed away at first, but one slowly worked toward us, moving just a couple feet away at one point. Before things got out of hand, we were back on the river. At one rapid with a sharp left, Jeff cut it too close and flipped, remembering with vivid clarity that the camera was in his canoe in a not completely waterproof area. Within a second of going over, he had unhooked himself from the canoe, leapt off the bottom and turned the kayak right-side up on his way up, landing on top of the kayak and kicking with his feet off to the side through the rest of the rapid. He finally made it to the side where we found out the camera was still dry and then we were back on the river. All in all the trip took four hours and we had an absolute blast. We’re hooked!

Jeff warmed up with a coffee in town before we drove to our campsite for the night. Unfortunately, the campsite was much further away than expected, we were running low on gas, and we really didn’t want to be stranded on a logging road in the middle of a forest. We cut our losses, not sure whether we were just shy or still far away from the campsite and back tracked to where we could find gas. Finally pulling into our campsite, we were greeted with a wonderful view overlooking a valley and we settled into some comfort food – beer, mac n cheese with veggie sausage, and the mean greene machine salad. Now we are really wiped so it is off to bed before yet another adventure (this time more adrenaline oriented!). Goodnight!

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