Table Manners

*Take it slow. There seems to be almost no “to go” and it is definitely not the default option for Coffee as in the US. Stop and take the time to enjoy drinks or a meal with friends and don’t worry about it taking a couple hours.

*Dress the part. Spainards are always well dressed, especially the older women. You won’t find someone dressed in sweatpants (sorry Pam!) and high heels are worn through cobble streets and rain.

*Como esta Alhambra. Named after one of Jeff’s travel blunders, this is all about trying to speak the local language no matter what. The locals appreciate it and you’ll have a lot of fun trying.

*Local flavor, local fun. We learned this long ago, but it is especially true on our travels. In every town/city/country you visit, find the specialities and try all of them. Once you have, search for the best of that speciality. Trust me, it will be worth it.